Photo session number two done. Less self-doubt this time, but not by much….

When I was in high school and college I used to drink OJ pretty consistently. But my Dad and I always had an ongoing battle because he’s an “extra pulp” guy and I’m a “no pulp” girl. 

I haven’t drank OJ in the morning in at least ten years. But every time I come home my Dad is sure to point out the personal size container of “no pulp” OJ that he bought just for me.

Every time I thank him, take it with me as I’m leaving and then don’t drink it. 

No matter how far apart I get from my parents….I can’t help but look at that damn container of OJ and think that they’re still trying to love their kid the best way they know how…..

I suppose this just solidifies your crush…right Matt???

I suppose this just solidifies your crush…right Matt???

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Before there was an app for that - some of us tried our talents at hand painting photographs…

Before there was an app for that - some of us tried our talents at hand painting photographs…

Friday Five

1. I know planes fly all the time and pilots know what they’re doing and its safe and all that. But before I have to fly somewhere I start thinking that all this safety means their due….

2. I’m on my way to meeting my goal of working out 25/30 days this month and that feels really great!!!!

3. My yoga studio sent out an email this morning regarding my taking head shots for the teachers. Cue panic attack in 3…2…1….

4. Since I never got my sweet treat last night, I fully plan on raiding the grocery store today. 

5. I don’t really have anything. I just found a dinosaur sticker in my hair… there’s that. 

“People who are brutally honest generally enjoy the brutality more than the honesty.”
Richard Needham (via fuckyeahyoga)

I have a sweet tooth right now, but I don’t know for what. Matt had to run to the store for some other things so I sent him with the following directions….

I want something like a Snickers bar. But not a Snickers bar. Oh! Maybe an eclair, but only if its fresh from the bakery not frozen. Unless the packs of them are too big, like don’t buy it if there’s more than two in the pack then just get something else chocolate but not only chocolate just chocolatey.


Cumin Grilled Portobello and Charred Corn Tacos


Today was a doozy. I subbed in a really crappy classroom. It was a K4 classroom and there was no calendar! And that was just the beginning.

The day went from bad to worse quickly. And then, because I wasn’t having enough fun yet, I ran into someone I didn’t want to…

Into the school office I walked and there sat Audrey’s old daycare lady. This would be the one who was, unknown to us, going through a nasty divorce and her husband thought it was a good idea to call us and threaten Audrey’s safety while in daycare. We ended up pulling Audrey immediately. 

So that awkward conversation was fun….

I’ll be pouring some wine now. 

My aerial instructor told us tonight that our class consists of what she considers her “star students” and that we’re the most advanced. 

I might be bringing the average down a little….but I’m sure happy to be a part of it!!!!