Just had our first solo flight down the stairs.

Audrey has been going up and down the stairs on her own for quite some time. Long enough that I am comfortable asking her to fetch things from her room when needed. Like I did with her PJ’s tonight.

I was downstairs getting the house ready for bed and I heard the most horrible noise.

Audrey went head first down the stairs.

There was lots of crying. Some of it was hers.

After inspection she’s fine. She has quite the goose egg on her forehead. She couldn’t tell me what year it is or who the President is….but she knew her age. So I think we’re good.

Mommy’s pouring a glass of wine to heal her nerves.

I know I better get used to this sort of thing as this kid is already laughing again. She’s tougher than me in every way.


  1. thegorydetails said: We had a stair incident recently. Kids are tough. Much tougher than me. I’d still be whining about it.
  2. nailtipflips said: I was babysitting my niece once when she was about 2 and she was running around my livingroom and went head first into my iron radiator. A bag of ice, lots of cuddles and a story cleared her right up but that big goose egg haunted me for weeks
  3. mborgomani said: Oh my. keep an eye on her for 24 hours though.
  4. intensesilence said: My four year old has had FIVE black eyes, and has a dent near his eye that shows when he smiles. These things seem to always happen before big events. Glad she’s okay, and that you are too! I sobbed also.
  5. zzzeee said: Just try to remember all the crap you did as a kid. Kids are amazingly resilient. Not like us when we get older. They just bounce! I’m glad she’s okay :)
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