thecomeback-kid said: what did you and matt do for your honeymoon?

Matt and I were lucky enough to receive our honeymoon as a wedding present from his parents. We spent time dreaming of where to go - but then realized that if we took a “once in a lifetime” chance we might actually enjoy it less. Everyone that we knew at the time that went to far away places said it really wasn’t great - they were tired and felt sick. But they felt pressured to do and see everything because they might not get the chance again. Matt and I just knew we wanted to be together.

So we chose to go to Door County. A place we knew very well. So close we could drive. The money we saved from not flying meant we could stay some place really nice. Plus, it’s not crazy expensive up there - so we were able to just do what we felt like. And the best part was, knowing that we could always come back whenever we felt like it, if we felt like laying in bed together until noon while the world turned outside….we could. 

It was one of the best weeks ever!!!!


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